OxProtect conducts application-oriented research in clinically relevant areas in the field between hemostasis, inflammation and defense.


“Our body is constantly exposed to attacks from the outside and inside.”

Bacteria, pathogenic fungi, parasites, viruses and tumor cells try to “colonize” our body. The innate and adaptive immune systems defend themselves against these “body enemies”. However, the guards damage their own bodies via undesired side reactions and cause diseases such as heart attack, stroke, ischemia-reperfusion damage after transplants, thromboses and again increased inflammatory reactions.


OxProtect develops diagnostics up to marketability.


For the optimal treatment of diseases it is of utmost importance to have exact diagnostic information as soon as possible.


for a better assessment of the individual risk for the development of diseases such as thrombosis, heart attack, stroke, transplant reperfusion damage

to assess the severity of various inflammatory diseases, but also

for monitoring therapies and the course of diseases.

“Good diagnostics is the key to timely, individual, efficient and cost-effective treatment.”